Can Immigration Solicitors Help You Move to the UK?

Nov 11, 2021 | Article

While deciding to move to the UK from outside the EEA may be the right decision for you – whether to reunite you with loved ones or provide you with better job opportunities – there are no guarantees that the visa process will be a successful or smooth one. However, there is one way of helping to mitigate the risk of failure and make the process far simpler and less stressful, and that’s by working with an immigration solicitor.

Can you move to the UK?

For anyone living outside the EEA, moving to the UK will only be possible with a visa, the terms of which must be abided by strictly at all times. Each visa type has its own criteria, coupled with different terms to abide by once you arrive in the UK, and choosing the right one can be a veritable nightmare. Enter the UK on the wrong visa, or overstay once it has expired, and you are at a very real risk of being deported.

Applying for the right type of visa is made easier with the help of an immigration solicitor, and you’d be strongly advised to work with them from the outset, to achieve your desired outcome. While they cannot grant you a visa and determine whether you’re allowed to stay in the UK, they can certainly do their very best to get you the result you want.

How can an immigration solicitor help get you into the UK?

There are a whole host of reasons why individuals or even families, may want to move to the UK, and most reputable immigration solicitors will have had experience with all of them. With their expert knowledge of the law, they’ll help you apply for the right visa to do the following:

  • Start a business, or invest in one
  • Attend a conference or carry out a business trip
  • Work, either on a temporary or long-term basis
  • Conduct studies or carry out research
  • Receive private medical treatment
  • Visit family or friends for a short trip, or take a vacation
  • Bring family with you

What if you want to settle permanently in the UK?

For those who already have a visa, with the help of an expert immigration solicitor, you may be able to extend it and stay in the UK for longer, or if you want to apply for settlement, they can help you achieve permanent residency in the UK.

Navigating the visa process is never easy, but with an immigration solicitor working on your behalf, you never need to worry about filling in the wrong information, or missing anything out on your application. Such mistakes, incidentally, can result in your application being refused, or at the very least, substantially delayed.

Moving to another country is a big and costly decision to make, regardless of your reasons for wanting to do so, and as such, it pays to try and get it right the first time, by working with an immigration solicitor.

Helping you select the right visa, apply for it successfully and continuing to support you once you arrive in the UK, immigration solicitors are there to help you achieve your dream, and make sure that you do so safely and as swiftly as possible.


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