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Employment Claims Lawyers

It can be extremely distressing to lose your job – especially if you were subject to some form of injustice. Finances become strained, one’s confidence is affected, and it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with a series of unpleasant events at a time when you are searching for a new position. Our specialist Employment Lawyers will provide legal representation to an individual who has suffered the Discrimination in the Workplace.

The reality is that claims under Employment Law have to be dealt with in a short timeframe – particularly if the claim might end up in front of an Employment Tribunal. We can explain your rights and advise you on how to proceed.

Types of Discrimination at Workplace

Any discrimination can make it difficult to work at the workplace – be it direct discrimination or because of the restriction on any specific group known as indirect discrimination. We deal with cases of discrimination, such as – unfair or constructive dismissal, redundancy, and unpaid wages.

We also provide legal services to companies, both big and small. Some of the issues our employment law solicitors deal with are –

• Protected conversations, severance payments and Settlement Agreements
• Unfair dismissal, workplace bullying, work-related stress,
• Employment tribunal claims
• discrimination and grievances
• Transfer of business (TUPE)
• Injunctions and restrictions
• Code of practice for working time, wages and equal pay
• Whistleblowing and protected disclosure
• Proceedings on disciplinary or performance-related
• Contract negotiations
• Transfer of business (TUPE)
• Victimization
• Industrial Action
• Transfer of Undertakings
• Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay
• Paternity Leave and Paternity Pay
• Auto-enrolment pension schemes
• ACAS early conciliation

Our specialist employment solicitors have the experience and skill to help you manage employment problems. We do this by working in the background as required. We also provide a complete range of legal representation for our clients.

Employment lawyers will always be ready to advise you on alternative dispute resolution procedures. It helps you resolve your issue as quickly as possible with the best possible result for you.

Why choose us?


Expert solicitors

With our experience as the employment solicitors, we have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the United Kingdom employment law.

Track record

We have an excellent track record in representing both employers and employees of the company.

Jargon-free advice

We communicate in the English language with jargon-free language and avoid using legal terms to confuse our clients

Stress remover

We aim to remove the stress in the working environment. We can help the staff work productively and achieve the best possible outcome in a timely and efficient manner.

Cost-efficient service

We also offer competitive rates and a range of fee structures for our clients. As it is often a difficult time financially, we are always willing to consider taking a case on a no win no fee basis.

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Our Employment Lawyers offer legal advice to avoid falling into fouls of constantly changing legal requirements at the workplace. You can also contact us for any claim negotiation or settlement. Our employment solicitors will be happy to advise you.