Family Law

Family Law Solicitors in Manchester

Unsurprisingly, Family Law is a broad subject and covers the legal aspects of everything to do with the family. Family Law solicitors’ legal aid includes divorce and separation , civil relationships, pre-nuptial agreements , and cohabitation 

 R&A Solicitors have extensive experience in all of these areas and can help you successfully negotiate the pitfalls that may trap the unwary. Our role in this is not only to help when matters turn sour but also to help ensure the welfare of all parties – especially any children involved.

 We take a very sympathetic and non-judgmental approach to our clients’ situations, and the time that we provide to understand our clients’ requirements has enabled us to provide constructive and beneficial advice.

Our Family Law Solicitors in Manchester

With the experience in dealing with the complications faced by families or an individual, our team of solicitors at Manchester provides honest and straightforward advice and assistance. We communicate in the English language rather than using legal jargon to ensure our clients understand the information. 


Divorce and Separation

Our specialist will be by your side and help you achieve the best outcome when you want to end an extremely unmanageable relationship – end your marriage, resolve issues around joint finances, relationship breakdown the child involved. We will ensure to help you make the process quick and stress-free for you. 


Civil relationships

Our family lawyers can help and advise you on registering a civil partnership. Alternatively, following the breakdown of a relationship, if you are looking to dissolve your civil partnership, our team of family law solicitors legal aid can help you through the process get through the best outcome.


Pre-nuptial agreements

With the current breakthrough pronouncements in the legal system, Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have become substantial in the Family Court. Family law solicitors’ legal aid will help you with the advice and proper drafting of pre-nuptial and postnuptial legal documentation and highlight relevant details that may otherwise get missed.



Our family law solicitors will also provide you with expert advice on cohabitation agreements. When you are staying with a partner who is not your spouse, the financial rights might be uncertain and complicated. And so, we are here to clarify and define the details through a cohabitation agreement. 

As a part of the resolution, we promote a productive tactic for any family dispute and offer a range of services that includes alternative dispute resolution or a traditional court-based process. We can help you to take an amicable resolution with your ex-partner.

With our vast experience, our family solicitors are experts in dealing with intricate financial arrangements for our clients and help to provide you with advice that best suits your requirements.

Why Choose Us?


Personal approach

Ours is a very sympathetic and non-judgmental approach towards our clients 

Expert advice

We communicate with our clients about the legal procedures in English without the usage of any legal dialects

Friendly lawyers

Ours is a team who are friendly, approachable and efficient

We understand

We understand the sensitive nature of a family law service. Hence, we strive to provide complete care and attention to all our clients.

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