Finding the Best Personal Injury Solicitor for Your Claim

Nov 11, 2021 | Article

If you’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, you’ll need a good personal injury solicitor to help you make a claim for what is rightfully owed to you. With so many solicitors out there, though, how can you find the best one for your needs?

Begin your search online

You’ll find a list of personal injury solicitors with the relevant expertise for the type of accident and injury you’ve suffered, online.

Ask around

Asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues or family members can help you find a good personal injury solicitor.

Call them up

Once you’ve found a solicitor that you think might be suitable, just give them a quick call to get a feel of how they operate and whether they might be able to give you the help you need.

Should I choose a specialist personal injury solicitor?

While the solicitor’s firm themselves may deal with a variety of claims, you’ll need to make sure that at least one member of their team specialises in your type of claim before agreeing to work with them.

Ideally, your chosen personal injury solicitor should have a proven track record in your specific type of claim.

Does it help if the solicitor is local?

In the majority of instances, personal injury claims take place remotely, either by telephone, email, post, or a combination of all three; rarely will you be required to attend their office in person to make your claim.

Part of the claims procedure typically involves a medical assessment to support your claim, and while these can be carried out locally by a medical professional, the report will simply be forwarded to your personal injury solicitor.

Might the outcome vary depending on the solicitor I choose?

The result you get from your claim should be based entirely upon its’ strength, so in theory, the personal injury lawyer you choose to work with, shouldn’t have any effect on the outcome. However, it is true that success rates can vary between solicitors, especially if liability is disputed and the claim ends up going to court.

In relation to this, your chosen personal injury solicitor will likely only have taken on your claim if they believe they have a strong chance of winning, and most will tell you at the beginning if they don’t think you stand a good chance of success, and as such, may opt not to accept your claim.

Isn’t it easier to just use my insurance company’s solicitor?

It’s entirely up to you whether to work with your insurance company’s personal injury solicitor, but you should never feel pressured to do so, and there is no evidence that doing so is any easier, or more likely to get you a favourable result.

Finding your own, independent personal injury solicitor is simple nowadays, and could also mean that you avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Finding a personal injury solicitor to help you win your claim has never been easier, and with their expertise, guidance and support, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be awarded the compensation you deserve.



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