Flight Delay Claims

Flight Delay Claims Lawyers

Airlines are now bound – by EU rules, to provide compensation for late or canceled flights, but unsurprisingly, many of them are reluctant to payout.

You may be eligible for flight delay compensation if –

  • your flight arrived with a delay of more than 2 hours
  • the delay was not due to any extraordinary circumstances
  • you have been departed from an EU airport or
  • you arrived at an EU airport with an EU-registered airline

 The compensation amount you might receive depends on several factors

  • The length of time the flight got delayed for
  • The distance between the departure and destination airports
  • Whether both of the airports or one of the airports is within the country

The amount of compensation that may be due to you and your family could be significant.

How can we help you?

We can help you claim compensation for a delayed flight or canceled flight:


Flight Cancellations

You were informed about the cancellation of the flight without any prior notice of a minimum of 0-14 days from the departure date.


Flight delays

In case you reached the final destination with more than 3 hours of delay.


Re-routed flights

When you had to travel on a different flight than that was arranged but flown to your original destination


Overbooked flights and denied boarding

if you were denied to board your flight due to overselling of flight tickets.


Missed connection

You missed your connecting flight because of the delay or cancellation of your first flight. And you ended up reaching the airport later than 3 hours at the final destination.

How do I claim compensation?

  • Talk to your airline and find out the cause of the delay.
  • Make the note of the details of the time and facts clearly
  • Save your tickets, receipts, and other relevant documentation
  • Ensure you understand the procedure as advised by the Civil Aviation Authority – CAA
  • When you are ready, go to the airline website to find the contact details
  • Check if you are eligible for compensation
  • Assign us your case for a hassle-free claim

Why choose us?

Our expert lawyers have settled a wealth of flight delays claims, including long, medium, and short-haul flight claims successfully. With our vast experience and the resources, we can assure to expedite cases, with no compromise by our supportive, friendly, and client-centric services and commercial ethics.

We also have established greater relationships with professionals that include barristers and airlines across Manchester and the United Kingdom.

Our strength is that our team of solicitors has thorough knowledge and experiences handling on every aspect of flight issues that help them handle any flight delay claims with ease. Our lawyers will provide prompt assistance and insights regarding the claim handling from start to end of the case.

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