Possible Reasons for Your Visa Processing Time Delay

Aug 31, 2021 | Article

Visa application is a surmounting process followed by an equally long waiting time. Sometimes, the process may take longer because of hiccups in verification and other issues. These delays can cause you to miss your crucial employment days or important classes if you are a student visa applicant. Here are 5 reasons why your visa processing is taking longer than usual.

Erroneous Paperwork

This is the most common reason behind the extensive delay in visa application approval. Applicants, especially the first-timers, do not understand the complications of leaving numerous fields blank and not bundling useful paperwork to support your claims. All these factors can lead to a very long delay in your visa processing as the authorities require you to correct these errors or mail a new application with correct information.

Fee Payment

Every visa application demands a tiny fee to verify that you are serious with your application and want it to move forward. Non-payment of application fees can lead to indefinite delays in your visa application approval and can also be rejected by the authorities.

Additional information requests

Immigration officials can request you additional information about your application and background. This back and forth communication is often very slow and if you don’t supply the necessary information in the first attempt, the delay window stretches.

Immigration history

If you were earlier declined a UK visa and were deported from the country, the immigration officials might take longer to approve your application. For individuals with a criminal record, it is almost impossible to get a Visa. If you lie in any of the categories, they might be the culprit behind the abnormal delay in application approval.

Type of Visa Application

Tier 2, tier 3, and other different types of visa applications have different approval processes and timeframes. If you are applying for any of these visas, the delay is admissible and nothing to be concerned about. You can send an inquiry about the application process and the status.

Visa application approval is a very difficult process that requires the intervention of an immigration lawyer. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, it is easy to get lost in surmounting paperwork and complex methods to gain a UK visa. An immigration lawyer can help you to avoid the above-mentioned reasons and help you to create a detailed application that gets approved on the very first attempt.


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