Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Even when the couple lives together without getting into a married relationship or without becoming civil partners, when the relationship comes to an end, the arrangements may not be simple as it looks.

Hence the prenuptial documents play a critical role in such relationships. The Prenuptial agreement is the document in which a couple mentions the details of their intentions in relation and about any property, assets, income, and debts they shared. A Prenuptial agreement can also detail our intentions concerning any children they have involved.

Before you enter into a marriage it is advisable to undertake a financial review of your circumstances and to understand the financial implications of what may happen to your finances if the marriage breaks down.It may be appropriate to make a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé (e) – we can give advice, and prepare the documents if required.

Alternatively, you may want to address financial issues after the marriage, and in such a case, we can prepare the post-nuptial agreements.

How Does Our Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Help You?

Our Prenuptial lawyer can advise you about your state and help you understand the details of a prenuptial agreement.

 Prenuptial agreement is appropriate if you

  • already owns a house; already owns a business or holds shares in a family company;
  • already has substantial savings or a pension, is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust fund
  • is likely to inherit money, or is likely to receive substantial gifts from parents or extended family as part of their inheritance tax planning;
  • parents have put their property in the name of you and your siblings;
  • Wish to avoid a lengthy and expensive dispute about assets in the event of a divorce
  • Were married earlier and want to protect yourself from claims regarding any previous settlements
  • Have child/children from the previous marriage and if you didn’t get a financial clean break order from a former spouse
  • have significant assets or property that you want to protect

What is essential for a prenuptial agreement?

The essential criteria for prenuptial agreement are that it should be 

  • signed before the wedding – preferably 28 days
  • financial disclosure
  • independent advice
  • agreement is fair to both parties
  • Meets your needs

Why choose us as your prenuptial agreement lawyer

When you have decided to proceed with the prenuptial agreement, you and your partner must have different solicitors. Different solicitors will ensure that both the parties are represented equally, and everyone agrees upon the fact that the agreement is fair. 

The agreement shows the details of all the changes that would occur after you are married and have redundancy, inheritance, children, pensions, and future assets shared. The process requires cautious understanding, and so, you need to take time to go through all the rules and regulations for the process. It should never be done in a rush.

Our prenuptial attorney will ensure to explain each step in detail and help you with the entire process to ensure you get the best result. 

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