Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Solicitor

Aug 8, 2021 | Article

Once you land in a court dispute, you understand the essence of having a bankable family lawyer who can work to solve your legal troubles. You cannot pick just anyone fresh out of law school, willing to work pro-bono. A family lawyer needs to pull you out of your troubles as fast as possible and have a demonstrable experience of dealing with relevant cases. Choosing a family lawyer demands some pre-requisites that he/she has to possess:

  1. What’s their experience level?

Family disputes demand far-fetched experience because the case can take a turn for the worse with a slight mishap by your attorney. Also, see if you can find an attorney who has helped many such families in peril to solve their cases within a few hearings. It is also advisable to ask whether most cases were settled in or out of court.

  1. What’s the billing cycle?

Affordable lawyers are very difficult to find and even if the base charges are average a lot of additional charges can exceed the initial quote. Never hesitate to explain your financial situation and try to come up with a mutual understanding that benefits both parties. If you can find a lawyer that works on a retainer then your future worries are also taken care of with a small monthly payment to the firm. Having a lawyer on a retainer is good if you are expecting things to go sour in the family.

  1. What is the communication process?

Clients usually don’t have to spend much time in court as most of the background work, paperwork, and filing us done by the law firm. Make sure that your lawyer updates you on a frequent basis about the status of the case. Always try your best to learn the status of the case and whether it could go in your favour or not.

  1. How do they approach the case?

Your lawyer mustn’t blatantly present the case in the court and should explore every possible option to settle the dispute with minimum discomfort to both parties. If the case cannot be settled outside the court or the other party is being excessively unreasonable, then moving the case in front of the judiciary is a better option.

  • Honest Opinion

Not all cases are destined to be won and your lawyer must be transparent about your case study. A solicitor who can explain to you the legalities and its effects on your life without using the confusing law jargon is your best bet. If your case lands in court then the lawyer should be able to project his opinions about your chances of winning or losing.

  • Case handling

Most times law firms have an elaborate team working in silence to help you win your legal battle. It is good to have a competent team working on your case as they can provide different viewpoints that can help you with your case.

Finding a good law firm is like finding a needle in a haystack but if you follow the above steps, acquiring a competent solicitor will become less painstaking.


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