Tips for Picking an Immigration Lawyer

Aug 8, 2021 | Article

Tips for Picking an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws can make your head spin and pairing that with the paperwork, it becomes very difficult to tackle. However, immigration is not only dependent on the paperwork, which is barely one of the layers in getting approval to stay in a country. Immigration cases can be very complex and require an adept immigration lawyer who can find out the flaws in the existing paperwork, patch the loopholes and convince the authorities that you will be a law-abiding citizen and an asset to the country.

Here are a few tips that will help you in picking your immigration lawyer:


Be blunt to ask about your lawyer’s qualifications in the first meeting itself. Make sure that your lawyer has the Certification by the State Bar Association, has specialisation in immigration law and is recognised by state wide law organizations. To verify the claims, you can contact the State bar association who has a list of the active attorneys working in the state. Immigration is a complicated issue that is riddled with fraudsters who claim to be immigration lawyers but are crooks who waste your precious time and money.


Immigration cases can turn dicey and require a lot of groundwork for the lawyer. Make sure that the lawyer holds ample experience in immigration law practice and has a high success rate in solving the immigration troubles of previous clients. You can also ask for testimonials and even contact a few previous clients to know the gravity of the claims made by an immigrant lawyer.


The services of an immigration lawyer start from very low but can shoot up as the case duration goes up. Always ask if they charge a flat fee or an hourly rate for their services. Expert advice suggests going for a flat fee option as you don’t know what troubles may arise upon further introspection. If the immigration lawyer demands an hourly rate at least ask them about the expected time frame and billing hours in which the case will be closed.


Not everyone speaks English and an immigration lawyer understands this problem. Most firms have paralegals who can help to translate your requirements to a lawyer. Communication must not be a barrier in a sensitive case such as immigration as one wrong comprehension by the lawyer can get you deported.

Free consultation

Most reputed law firms offer the first consultation for free. You can use this consultation to determine if the immigration understands you and your problem and has a good idea of what he is getting into. Make note of his professionalism and his compassion towards your case. If the firm does not offer a free consultation, try to at least get a few minutes with the lawyer who will be in charge of your case.

The abovementioned tips will help you select the best immigration lawyer for helping you with your problems. We would suggest you not hide anything from your immigration lawyer because any unnoticed mistake results in the rejection of your immigration plea.


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