What Can Solicitors Do to Help You

Jun 15, 2021 | Article

What Can Solicitors Do to Help You?

There are many occasions in our lives in which we might need to use the services of a solicitor, and as professional advisors on a range of legal issues, they can be extremely useful, if not essential. But for anyone who has never used one before, knowing exactly how they can help you, may not be clear.

Read on for a better understanding of what solicitors are trained and qualified to do, and how they can help you:

Do you need to make a will?

If so (and you really should!), a solicitor can help you make a will that ensures your personal possessions and hard-earned savings are shared according to your wishes. Because a will is a legally binding document, a solicitor’s help is required and failing to make a will can result in your estate, money, assets, and other belongings being distributed as the law sees fit, and this typically doesn’t coincide with your wishes. If you own property, making a will as soon as you can, is vital.

Giving someone legal authority to act on your behalf

This is known as a power of attorney, and it’s important that you seek advice from a solicitor before going ahead with this. What it essentially does, is gives someone else the legal authority to make decisions about your money, property, health and personal wellbeing, in the event that you can no longer do so for yourself.

Buying and selling property

There are a whole host of pitfalls waiting to catch you out when buying and selling property, and navigating the complex, muddy waters involved, can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Avoid the pitfalls and remove the stress by hiring a solicitor to help you complete the process from beginning to end, and note that they can even be useful in helping you find a property.

Are you starting your own business?

If so, then you’d be wise to proceed with some legal advice from a solicitor, especially as there are often huge sums of money involved with starting a business, and avoiding costly pitfalls is paramount. Start your new business venture off on a positive foot by having a solicitor get all the legal and financial concerns dealt with professionally.

Do you want a divorce, or to separate from your partner?

Whenever emotions are involved, things can get tough, and sometimes just telling your partner that you want to leave them is stressful enough, without all the paperwork that a divorce or legal separation can involve. However, seeking guidance and legal assistance from a solicitor can help give you the strength to pursue your goal and make plans for a new life for yourself.

Solicitors can provide professional assistance for a variety of other legal concerns, and the best way to discover the many ways they can help you is to talk to them. Pop into your local office for a chat, or call them up for a non-obligatory consultation and get the best, up-to-date legal advice.



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