When do You Need to Hire a Solicitor

May 19, 2021 | Article

When do You Need to Hire a Solicitor

We come across many issues in our life that will require expertise in the legal field. We may feel up to the task, but there are chances of making mistakes that may cost us dearly. So, we suggest that you hire a professional solicitor for any such situation.

What can a solicitor do for you?

  • Will: A solicitor can help you draft and finalise a will. This will clarify that what part of your possessions and savings will go to which family member. It can divide your belongings among your loved ones as per your choice. The whole document looks like a very simple paper. But as a matter of fact, there are certain complicated arrangements that need to be fixed in advance. This will ensure that your offsprings do not fight and argue after you are gone. A good solicitor will draft the will and get it registered o make it a valid document. Else there will be no worth of your decisions.
  • Power of attorney: When you designate another person responsible for decision-making of your behalf for a certain matter. It can be for property or money matters. This can be done when you are not able to visit the place or unfit to move around freely and avoid the hassle of going to various offices for the same. A legal document is required to give this permission and this too needs to be registered to be valid.
  • Property matters: They can help you buy, sell transfer or let out a property. If you are going to buy one then also you will need him to do the verifications and validate the title before getting it transferred. In case of selling, you will need him to make sure that later you are not bothered once the deal is over.
  • Business: When you start a new business there are many legalities to be performed. They will help you finalize the decision-making powers, partnership rights, liabilities, and so on. Also, in case of a financial matter, it has to be pre-decided that whose order shall prevail in a case of a dispute. If these are set and registered in a legal document in the very beginning the chances of a successful business increase. Franchising is also authorized by a legal document only, else it can be a case of fraud.
  • Family affairs: Sometimes couples feel they can not live together and need to separate. The divorce proceedings and legal steps can be advised by the solicitor. They can also help you with the custody of the children. Any property dispute among the family can be solved by the interference of a solicitor many times even outside the court. They can inform you about the rights of each member and clarify the ownership that follows. Protection from an abusive partner can be sought with the help of a solicitor. He can prove that you need safety from your partner. In case an adult is unable to make decisions then who can do it for them can also be suggested by a solicitor as they are well aware of the legal rights.


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