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On the 5th of December 2005, the Civil Partnership Act 2001 came into force. And since then, many same-sex couples have formed the Civil Partnerships.

 If you are in a same-sex relationship, you will be accorded additional legal protection, if you register your relationship as a civil partnership. However, unlike cohabitees, partners in a civil partner relationship do not have the same legal rights and can be faced with a distressing situation if the relationship disintegrates.

 Moreover, though there have been some changes to terminology used for civil partnerships, the procedure and law when it comes to the breakdown of the relationship are broadly in line with divorce. And we offer advice and representation on the dissolution of a civil partnership and related financial or family matters with utmost empathy and respect.

 Similar to the marriage, there are financial implications that might occur when you enter into a civil partnership. Just as the pre-nuptial agreements, the civil partnership solicitors will be able to help you consider the financial implications. We will also help you prepare agreements to protect the financial assets, if required, in the event of the dissolution of such a relationship.

Dissolution Order of Civil Partnership

The court will grant a Dissolution Order and ends the legal contract between the couple involved in a civil partnership, under four factors –

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Five years’ separation
  • Desertion by one party
  • Two years’ separation and consent from both parties

 Civil partners must have been registered for at least 12 months before applying for their partnership to be dissolved. And the court should be convinced that the relationship between the couple has irrevocably broken down.

Why Choose Us?

R&A Solicitors can provide specialist family law advice to same-sex couples. When a civil partnership breakdown, we can advise you of your legal rights regarding financial issues and assist in resolving those issues amicably, or if necessary through an application to the Court. We can also advise on the grounds available to dissolve a civil partnership and oversee the court process for you.

Our civil partnership lawyers are always ready to provide sensitive, straightforward advice to the couples involved in the civil partnership and wish to dissolve their partnership. We will work closely with you to provide strong, stable support and give you immense help during the emotional period in your life, whilst ensuring we achieve the best possible result for you.

Our family lawyers expert to deal with complex financial arrangements for the couples and will provide you with commercial advice that suits your needs. And, in case there is a child or children involved, we will advise how best to minimize the effect your separation has on kids.


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