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Relationship Breakdown – Family Law Children

We understand that the primary concern for the couple who are getting separated will be the welfare and well-being of their children.

We are dedicated family law child solicitors with experience in providing advice regarding solicitudes of the child following the relationship breakdown. It is one of the delicate issues in the divorce, as the children are an essential part of their life of any parent. When a child is involved in such cases, our child custody lawyer works empathically to minimize the impact on everyone involved and help you reach a convinced agreement.

We can advise you on residence and contact issues, parental responsibility, and other specific issues that may be relevant to your family and children. Alternatively, we can refer you to a mediator if this is appropriate, which would allow you to discuss matters directly with your ex-partner.

Where necessary, we can make an application on your behalf to the court for issues relating to your child for resolution. We also offer advice on financial matters directly relating to your child.

 Our divorce and separation solicitors extend the immense support and help to provide reliable and valuable legal advice for your separation, divorce, or dissolution.

Services provided by our child lawyer

The services offered by our lawyer of relationship breakdown – Child – 

We help you with the detailed explanation and services of a complete range of quality, professionally, for those dealing with highly complex and demanding legal issues that affect circumstances, funds, freedoms, families, and futures of children.



Residence Order

An order that determines where your child will live

Contact Order

Order that helps in arrangements for contact with your children.

Prohibited Steps Order

Order that prevents a parent from taking a particular action concerning your children. Prohibited steps order includes the details of the child being taken from you to reside away in England or even abroad

Specific Issue Order

Order that resolves the point of dispute such as which school your child should attend

Parental Responsibility Agreement

Parent responsibility agreement protects your legal rights to get involved in important decisions concerning the education of the child or health and welfare.

Change of Name

The service helps to change the name of your child

International or National Relocation

It is the service that deals with children who are moving abroad or to another part of the country.

Factors considered by the court in deciding for the child custody

  • The relationship of the child with each parent
  • Parents’ ability to confirm that the child will receive medical care, food, and shelter
  • The developmental needs of the child
  • The ease of a child to get adjusted to school and community
  • The ability of the parents’ to nurture the relationship between the child and the other parent after separation
  • The communication ability of the parents to each other


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