Tier 4 Student Visa

Tier 4 Student Visa


 Tier 4 Visa offers the students with temporary right to live and study in the UK. To study in the UK, the Home Office Points Based System for visas was proposed. A student visa application must ensure that they have a minimum of 40 points which is the combination of

  • 30 points are for valid Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). Your application should be supported by a sponsor who is on the Tier 4 Register of Sponsors.
  • 10 points are for funds. You should be able to show that you have sufficient finances to pay for your course and cover your living costs for the duration of your time in the UK.


The Type of Tier 4 Visa 

There are four types of Tier 4 visas:

  • Tier 4 (General)
  • Student visitor
  • Prospective students
  • Tier 4 (Child)
  • Child visitor

 Our immigration team of solicitors will help you with the advice on which of the Tier 4 Visa is most suitable for you and your child. We will also assist you with the documentation needed for the successful submission of the application form. Our lawyers are experienced in preparation and submission of the application of student visa and we can assure you for a smooth start on your immigration under Tier 4 Visa.


Eligibility for Tier 4 Student Visa 

Along with the proof of CAS from a licensed sponsor for the Student Tier 4 Visa category, the students much meet several general requirements and restriction such as

  • Age
  • Security clearance
  • The maximum duration of the course in the UK
  • Proof of documentation for those individuals being sponsored by a Government or international Scholarship agency
  • Documentation related to specific requirements for postgraduate doctors or dentists on a recognized Foundation program

 Students will also have to clear the Interview with Entry Clearance Officers. The international student should apply for the Tier 4 student visa at least 3 months before the start of their course.



A student on a Tier 4 Visa can bring your dependent with you to the UK, as long as you can prove that you can support them financially throughout the course without recourse to public funds.


Extending Tier 4 Student Visa 

Once the Entry Clearance has been granted, you must apply in-time for an extension of your visa if you intend on continuing your studies in the UK.

How Can We Help You?

Our experienced immigration solicitors can provide you with guidance on the tier 4 student visa such as

Assistance in obtaining CAS from the educational institutes - Universities and Colleges


Guidance on University rankings and their Sponsorship status


Help you with the initial Tier 4 applications, both from outside and inside the UK


Help you with the submission of the application of Tier 4 extension


Also, assist in switching immigration status into a work category once the course has been completed

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