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Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

Criminal law is the branch of law that relates to the punishment of offenders. It has a higher scope and covers virtually every aspect of daily life – whether concerning social or moral behaviour, and whether such behaviour affects the health, wellbeing, or safety of others. It also relates to the treatment of the property of others. Any person who contravenes the law concerning such principles is likely to be subject to criminal law.

Criminal law differs from a civil case where the aim is to resolve a dispute between two parties, and a criminal case takes place to determine whether, and to what extent, an individual should get punished for his/her behaviour.
R&A Solicitors have built up a reputation for dealing with such cases, and we will work to uphold and protect your rights and civil liberties.

A criminal case can be a lengthy procedure, and often involves dealing with many people from different walks of life – from witnesses and specialist experts to court officials. We have an in-depth knowledge of the court process, as well as experience in conducting such cases, and thus can handle your affairs diligently and efficiently.

Specifically, we can help you with applications for bail, police interviews, trials and appeals, and other court proceedings.

The Role of Criminal Solicitors

The primary role of criminal law solicitors includes 

  • Providing advice to suspects who are interviewed by the police, 
  • Preparation and advocacy for magistrates court cases 
  • Preparation of crown court cases

 Preparation of a case comprises considering the evidence to provide advice to the clients on the legal proceedings and getting them prepared for the interview and maintaining effective communication with the court and the prosecution. Advocacy involves assisting the defendant in presenting their case as wells as cross-examination of complainants and witnesses. 


Areas Our Criminal Defence/Regulatory Solicitors Works

We have highly skilled, qualified, and professional criminal solicitors who are perfect at working on the below sectors:

  • Physical assault
  • Theft, robbery, and burglary
  • Internet and cyber-crime
  • Sexual offences
  • Asset recovery
  • Regulatory offense and Insolvency disputes
  • Drunken driving, speeding and other motoring offences
  • Drug offence that includes the possession of narcotics or possession with intent to supply
  • Business crime, including fraud, professional conduct, and professional negligence allegations
  • Violence, threatening behaviour, and other public order offences
  • Dishonesty offences such as fraud, money laundering, fraudulent trading, and false accounting.

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We are a reputed criminal defence law firm with a close working network of leading legal experts who can assure that your interest is protected and defended at all times.

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